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USA Camp Information

Our aim for these camps is to practice what we preach by taking the players to their Next Level. Whether it's getting players prepared for their first year of field hockey or getting players ready for University/College Hockey, we do it all. Traditionally it runs for 4 hours on each of the 5 days (Monday-Friday) from 8am - Midday. We appreciate that asking for asking for 5 days of availability can be challenging, which is why we offer options on the website for 2,3 or 4 days if you are unable to make certain days. The 5 day option is however the best value for money. Even if you can only make one day then don't be afraid to get in touch and we can work out an option. 

Previously we have only offered a player report for those on the 5 day camp. Now we are offering it to anyone who is registered at a $10 charge and this will go straight to the coach who is working with the player and serve as a bonus to them. If you are interested in this then speak with them directly or message the business and we can organise it. 


For any inquiries into our services please drop us an email on the contact us page and if available we will always do our best to work out an option. 

Elite Camp:

Take your field hockey game to the next level with NLC's 5 day camp, the best value for money hockey camp around, bringing Elite level international coaching to your local area. Our experienced coaching professionals provide fun, engaging sessions, guiding players of all ages and abilities through a progressive and challenging program. With appropriate groupings, players can learn new skills and techniques in a supportive environment alongside peers of similar age and ability. Each day will bring it's own theme with the first 4 covering individual and team aspects of both offensive & defensive skills. The Friday of each week is where all of the skills and practices we have worked on come together and the players get a chance to compete in fun challenges finishing with matches against the other teams. Depending on the location and it's facilities we may also run a slip and slide to work on deflections.


The charge for this camp is $225 which will include:

  • 20 hours with the coaches.

  • We cover all of the advanced skills we think you will enjoy and benefit from moving forward:

    • Drag Flicking​

    • Ariel's

    • Reverse Stick Hitting

    • 3D Skills

    • Deflections (Maybe a slip & slide) 

    • Many more...

  • Small sided games and exercises.

  • We ask when you sign up if there is anything in particular you want to work on so please let us know and we make sure that you get the time with a coach to work on it. 

  • Matches, mini games & Skills circuit on the Friday.

  • NLC would be happy to provide any help after the camp has finished and will always be just a message away so please get in touch. 

If you are interested in hosting one of these camps then go on the about us and contact us with any enquiries. If you have any other suggestions for camps we are always open to talking about new ideas.

Contact Us

Meet the 2024 America coaching team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Enjoyment

This is the full line up for the coaches this summer. We are very lucky to have this group of amazing coaches & people who each bring their own qualities, ready to pass on to the players this summer. 

Santiago Castano

George Johnstone

Rob Johnstone

Max Turner

James Raisbeck

Andrew Croft

Stuart Cunnington

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