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5 day Overnight Camp

We got such amazing support at our camp at Foxcroft last year we started speaking about the possibility of doing an overnight camp at the academy. This is the first time we have done this and we are relishing the prospect of getting more time with an amazing group of players. The current schedule is posted below to give an idea of what we have planned but certain timings may change before the camp starts. The camp starts at 8am on Monday and will finish at Midday on Friday. 

Overnight Schedule.png

More information

For this camp we are making sure to have lots of helpers on hand to give a fantastic player to coach ratio. We are bringing across 7 coaches, all of whom will be attending this camp and staying with the players as well as 4 amazing volunteer chaperones to help out where needed. We are only allowed 30 players onto this camp and we are expecting it to sell out so make sure you get in on this amazing opportunity. To book head to our bookings page and go across to Foxcroft academy and select the overnight camp option. The age range for this camp will be 11-18. Below is a little bit more information on some of the activities during the week. If you have any questions then please get in touch and ask away. 

Games Choice - The coaches we are bringing are not just hockey experts but have a vast knowledge of other sports and games. For this we will be offering a variety of opportunities such as Basketball, Tennis, Group games and more.

Hockey skills Workshop - The Coaches we are bringing have an amazing array of skills to show off and this is the players chance to get a detailed session on how to perform them. For those newer to the game it is a great chance to work on the fundamentals and begin to master them. 

Matches with the coaches - On the Thursday evening we are going to host a match with the coaches involved. It gives an opportunity for all players to play with the coaches and we would like to invite families to come and watch to support their daughters. 

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