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“Next Level Coaching are young dynamic coaches who inspire and motivate the Lincolnshire County Hockey Junior Boys programme.  Stuart and Ben are exceptional players in their own right, they make training fun. The Lincolnshire JAC team has gone from strength to strength,  winning the East in only a couple of years under Next Level Coaching.  One of the best coaching teams we have been fortunate to have.“  Frances Dalton Lincolnshire County Hockey Junior Administrator

Feeback from America Camps

"Thank you for running the field hockey camp this year. My daughter Erin really enjoyed the camp and learned a lot. She will be a sophomore this year, and last year was her first year playing. She said she thought that camp was great and she really liked the coaches. They were fun, but also taught her a lot. Please keep us on any mailing list you have for next year. "

" Thank you for taking the time to give Christine some feedback.  She told us she enjoyed learning the many different dodges and drives that we're taught.  She also commented that she really enjoyed the personalities of the instructors and and the pointers that you took the time to explain to her!!  Additionally, she said that she would attend next year if the camp continues...which, to me, truly tells the story of how she generally felt about the camp!! "

"The field hockey camp was the finest day program my daughter has ever attended. The daily feedback from her was consistently outstanding. She loved the coaches- they were genuine, talented, knowledgeable and connected extremely well with the students. My daughter was made more confident in her play and seemed to learn so much from the instruction. The practice included some really creative drills- for instance, the wet slide to improve scoring potential. There was a great mix of activities and scrimmage practice. The coaches were well loved and  promoted real team work in the players. They provided the British knowledge and background that is challenging to find. Really amazing week. We regret it is not longer- although we considered following this crew to their next location. (Is that an option?)

Thank you to Stuart and crew for a great week."

"Lauren had a great time with the coaches and program!  She gained confidence in her skills and learned many new ones.  Her favorite activity was "steal the bacon"!  She like being in a smaller group with similar skill level players, it was less anxiety producing to be in a small group with one instructor and she felt like she was able to hone those skills she already was competent at and pick up new ones with plenty of time to practice them. The feedback email was very helpful!  Lauren is a fairly new player and was trying to figure out the position in which her skills would most utilized.  We really appreciate the time that you have put into this camp and she looks forward to attending again in the summer 2018!"

"I really enjoyed your camp and if you are holding it again next year I will definitely come..  I really like how you guys had a mix of fun field hockey games but also drills that focused on specific skills.  I had a lot of fun on the little games you guys had and I learned a lot from the drills. The one thing that Emma can work on for next year is definitely her American accent.  Although she did quite well on the "Oh my God," I would recommend working more on some other words and the accent altogether. Thank you again for the amazing camp:)"

Danny was absolutely blown away with your camp.  She wanted to improve her skills before this years season and you guys went above her expectations.  There were eleven girls from Mountain View HIgh School that attended your camp and I have heard nothing but positive things. I happened to stay most days to watch the camp and was impressed that you had all the activities/drills planned out in advance, minimizing the girls waiting around for the next activity.  This also applies to Danny, she has been to a few camps, again hoping to improve her skills as a Goalie, but unfortunately, most camps only use the Goalie as a means to teach field players to improve their game. I do hope you plan to come back to Stafford, VA next year for this same camp.  Danny would be the first to sign up.


 I must say, my kids have been to a lot of various camps and we’ve never actually received individual constructive feedback before. It really shows you guys are paying attention to the individual and coaching to them personally. Really taking the time to get to know them.

I asked Scarlett if she had any feedback, things she loved and things that could be improved upon and she said “improved upon? Nothing!! Well, maybe the weather, it was hot.” Ha. She said it was a ton of fun, good amount of breaks, she learned new skills and most importantly had fun while doing it.

Hannah and Olivia have been playing field hockey for nearly 8 years and still learned so much from your camp. The stick work that you taught them was so valuable. I have noticed a difference in both their skills and their confidence. We also appreciated the feedback that you emailed after the camp was over. This helped them to know what to focus on before their upcoming high school tryouts. The coaching staff was excellent, and most of all they had so much fun! They are looking forward to attending your camp at Marriotts Ridge in Maryland next year. 

WOW THANKS FOR THE GREAT FEED BACK! Nicole had a GREAT week and really enjoyed it!

We would like to say thank you for running this camp. Kelsey was extremely excited working with the coaches and she appreciated the consistent and personalized feedback they provided. The coaches made the camp fun and she gained confidence in her skills and learned many new ones. Our daughter is very hard to please but she came home from camp happy and excited about the improvements she was making to her game. The after camp report below is very helpful and not surprisingly some of the feedback provided is similar to what we observe in her play. 

Thank you all again so much for a great week! I hope you guys enjoyed your time in Richmond as much as we enjoyed the camp! Hopefully I will see you all again next summer! 

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