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About Us

USA Camps

NLC has held the ambition to work camps in America since it's founding and achieved this objective in Summer 2017. After 5 successful campaigns we are now looking at expanding our time in the states and looking for new locations. This year is a really exciting time and we are hoping to bring our expertise to 7 camps.


NLC proudly boasts a coaching team of immense quality and experience and we plan on bringing the same quality to our camps every year. We are primarily focused on finding camps in the NE of America as we currently range from Virginia to Maine but we aren't afraid of a road trip so any locations can be talked about to see what we can do. 

If you are a coach interested in being a part of our amazing team then drop us an email with your hockey CV and we will be in touch. 

Lincolnshire Objectives


We started the company with the main aim of improving the standard of hockey at all levels throughout Lincolnshire. To do this we want to work with as many clubs as possible in the county to help them grow in size and stature.


We work with the adult sides to help them become better individual players as well as improve as a team whilst at the same time working with the junior systems of the clubs to give them the best chance of developing into top players for their club and beyond.  


We also want to work on the county juniors by trying to increase the participating numbers as well as their overall competitiveness at the East championships. With only two winning teams on the boys side at any age group in the championships history both coming under the NLC tutelage, we are eager to start making a change to that.


Tradition and history in Lincolnshire has always been important to us, which is why we have taken on the organising of Skegness Easter hockey festival. This is only one of two Easter festivals remaining in England and this year we celebrated the 49th Festival since it's inception with the big 50 coming this year!!

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