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Field Hockey Stick
  • What age group are the camps designed for?
    The camps are traditionally available to players of any age between 7-19. The groups are split into ability/age so players will be with their peers for the camps and the exercises will be tailored based on their capabilities. If you have a player interested who is outside of the age bracket then again please contact us directly and we will see if any options are available.
  • Can Keepers attend the camp?
    Keepers are very much encouraged to attend the camp and some of the best reviews we have had have been from them. This is often down to the 1 on 1 coaching time the camp structure gives them and rest assure they are not there to just be used for shooting exercises and to benefit their outfield counterparts.
  • Does it matter if my child has never played?
    Not at all. We had plenty of players who are beginners and we received some very positive feedback from themselves and their parents. As mentioned above the groups are split into ability and new players will start with learning the very basics of the game in a fun and effective manor.
  • What equipment do I need them to take?
    Players require suitable footwear, shin pads, hockey stick and plenty of water. We also encourage players to wear gum shields but it not essential. If newer players would prefer to borrow a stick then please notify us in advance.
  • Do I have to go to all of the days?
    We have had players miss some days and there is no problem in doing so. We obviously encourage players to attend all of the days but we appreciate this is not always possible. Therefor I have added a couple of extra options for anyone who cant attend the full 5 days.
  • What do we do if there is bad weather?
    If the weather gets too hot that even regular breaks are not a viable option we will call the session off short and look to gain the hours back on another day. If we are hit by a storm or we are expecting a storm to arrive then parents will be contacted via email. We will do what we can to make up any hours at another time which might involve running longer in the days left to coach. If we are unable to make the hours up and haven't reached our 20hours then an appropriate refund will be made.
  • Are the coaches qualified to look after the children?
    All of the coaches we bring will be at minimum level 1 qualified but mostly will be level 2 which come with a safeguarding and first aid certificates. The coaches and company are also insured to be coaching worldwide.
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